Leverage our chops.

Take advantage of over 20 years of client brand-building and agency new business experience. We span the continuum of categories, client sizes, targets and marketing communication disciplines. Here’s a starter list:

Past & present Thunderclap clients

You will find we work with service firms of different shapes and sizes. Most of our engagements have been in the uber-competitive marketing communications industry.

If you’re not in this business, fret not. Insights and techniques discovered in one category and applied in another can drive innovation, differentiation…and wins.

  • Global advertising agencies
  • Global IT consulting firms
  • National, regional and local agencies
  • Global and national sales promotion firms
  • Package and industrial design companies
  • Creative boutiques
  • Multicultural firms
  • Public relations firms
  • Direct marketing agencies
  • Packaging and supply chain firms
  • Startups and entrepreneurs