Your ONE and ONLY Ad Agency New Business Resolution

Hola, 2012ers. I feel somehow compelled  to write a brief, yet hopefully valuable bit on resolutions. Sure, there are the old standbys…losing weight / getting in shape, staying in better touch with family, saving more money… all fine and good personal resolutions. I myself can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays and packed on a pound or six. Buy you ain’t here to sweat to the oldies.

What about new business goals? What might you want to do differently this year that will help propel your agency to new levels? How can you get better at new business?

I propose thinking a bit more about the only resolution that can help increase your pitches AND your ability to win them…

Increase your network

Good reader, I propose this is the only thing that matters. Think about it. The leading factor that gets agencies into a pitch is client-side staff change. While I don’t know your particular agency, my educated guess is that you get the majority of your business from referrals or repeat business (like good ol’ Thunderclap does).

I’m not talking about leads. But closed business. Revenue. Moola. Sure, ya gotta have a lead to get the business. But the more people that know and trust you, the more you will hear about a client looking to make a change…etc.  A referral can get you the chance to pitch.

And your network can also arm you with the intel you can use to win the business. Your network = relationships of varying strengths. It can provide you with the skinny other agencies may not have that can guide what you say and how you say it. Content and context.

You see this proven out when a new CMO starts and begins work with an agency they used to work with from their past. While surely there was good reason for the other agencies to participate in the pitch, the agency with the CMO relationship knows what this professional likes. They know how she thinks, how she works and what she wants / needs. All critical information that can shape a pitch.

So, just how does one do all that exactly?! Hmmm…