Writing the book on ad agency new business and procurement

Seemingly an evergreen topic. This morning I saw from Smartbrief that the 4As has recently published a thought-starter on procurement. Probably worth the minimal investment. I love these kinds of books from the 4As. Chock full of good information.

Heads up: these are written by search consultants, not the 4As. I have NOT read this publication, but am dying to. Just so you know the source.

Anywho, here’s a direct lift of what I saw on Smartbrief:

Advertising Agencies and Marketer Procurement Functions 
The 4A’s publication “Advertising Agencies and Marketer Procurement Functions” describes procurement’s emerging role in agency compensation and search. Topics covered include differentiating between procurement and purchasing; how should agencies engage procurement; and tips for avoiding common mistakes agencies make when dealing with procurement.

This guide is a useful thought starter to help small and large agencies implement processes and mindsets that will enhance the likelihood of “win-win” interactions with client procurement professionals.

For further info and to purchase a book, here’s a link to the 4As site.

If anyone has any experience with this publication, feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks.