Why centralize your prospecting efforts?

Hi. Ever have to consider the structure of your prospecting machine? Here are some quick bullets that deserve long-winded explanations and colorful stories. But do you really have time for that?! Agencies that streamline their prospecting efforts realize many benefits:

  • Increase visibility and efficacy of effort
  • Maintain tighter control of outreach execution
  • Encourage tighter collaboration between new business and HR and PR functions
  • Leverage ONE place that houses prospect communication history, conversations, intel, knowledge of challenges and personality insights
  • Minimize potential turf issues between offices
  • Save money

Consider making this a senior role. Because they’re going to need internal and external authority. New business is a priority for most agencies. Having a leader that’s at peer level with your other leaders (account, planning, creative, etc.) sends an important message to all.

Should your agency be large enough for additional resources beyond a single person, consider a “producer” role – someone who acts as the extra set of hands to help create your outbound, one-to-many tactics. This professional can also drive the pitch process when you’re closing. They can help manage all those little details that makes a good pitch better. And, of course, can help develop and execute the closing plan.