What NOT to do after your next RFP

So, you get the RFP and work your tail off to get the damn thing done. And clever you. You even got it in a day early, to avoid being placed in the middle of the stack. So, now the waiting game begins, right?!

Or does it?


Sure, you could anxiously wait like most agencies do…hoping the prospect sees your brilliance and is intrigued enough to learn more. Or…

…you could do what some agencies do after RFPs, credentials or finals…continue to market themselves!

Take advantage of the time between deliverables to demonstrate what it’s like to be a client at your agency. Show ’em your interest, passion and understanding of the category or the target. Here are just a few ideas you have at your disposal:

  • Send them relevant news articles of interest with a quick idea, implication or insight
  • Bring them learning around their last two stakeholders (distribution partners and ultimate consumers)
  • Share competitive intel and your perspective on the news
  • Schedule one-on-one immersion phone calls with them to discuss a relevant challenge (or non-proprietary learnings you have from another client that solves a similar problem)
  • Introduce them to one of your clients (if it would help their business in some way)
  • Bring them insights and implications from the field (through store checks, mystery shopper programs, agency immersion)
  • Etc.

You get the idea. Of course, you should consider the decision-maker personalities and culture of the prospect’s company as you develop your plan. But avoid the waiting game. And do something smart, relevant and on-brand to help convince them you are the right choice!

Happy pitching.