Walk the halls. Now, with donuts.

You’ve heard the phrase “walk the halls,” right? To me, it conjures up old-school backslapping, Mad Men in suits (sorry, chickas) and, for some odd reason, print production and agency supplier partners. But here’s a modern day spin your agency might consider. No suit needed.

Traditionally, the phrase is a strategy that connects growing an existing piece of business to close geography. You’re there, at a client’s place, and you learn about another potential project…or set a meeting with someone new while you’re taking care of other business. No wonder why some agencies will embed account people in a client’s office.

One way to actually do this might be to yup, you guessed it, establish a donut day. Get your butt over to Dunkin Donuts before heading over there or have that bagel & fruit plate delivered on, say, the middle of the week.

In my mind’s eye, the goodies are placed just outside your cube. And, of course, it’s wildly successful! You get points for being a nice person, you build a relationship, and maybe even learn something valuable.

But let’s be realistic – it just may not work out that way. So, maybe we need to be a bit more creative about it…

Take the donuts on the road. Bring the snacks to them. Do they still have those roving snack carts anymore? Could the donuts become a sandwich cart for lunch? Could you happily give away a free sandwich, slyly adding some sort of card or wrap around the sandwich that drives someone to a website, where you have examples of work you’ve done for the client? Or include some business building ideas that include an extra project or two for your agency?

Create a pop-up donut store. Grab a conference room. let your clients and others know you’re going to be there. Throw some of their work on the walls. Create some a teaser boards that makes them ask a question or two about an idea you have for their business.

These are just two ways of going about it. Fun little surprises like these make a hall-walking strategy a whole lot more concrete.

What say you?!