Power up your new business program.

Your new business efforts can be made more effective through our services and capabilities. Here’s why you should consider working with us:

  • Offers scalable resources where and when you need them
  • Augments existing resources and programs
  • Provides senior-level expertise as needed
  • Delivers a proven system, process and leadership
  • Brings over 20 years of high-stakes presentation building experience
  • Understands F100 corporate America mindsets
  • Maintains library of new business thinking and best practices
  • Leverages relationships with people that can build your business

You can work with us on a single project or we can explore a retainer. More than 70% of Thunderclap’s business is repeat or referral business…the highest compliment a service firm can receive.

Thunderclap retainer clients also get access to our intellectual property. This includes whitepapers about a variety of new business topics. You could see us as a new business think tank. We collect, share and create insights that help you win.

You can also get access to a network and library. This is need driven. Thunderclap’s proprietary database is filled with over 1,500 resources that can help your company. This includes senior-level clients, agency professionals, search
consultants, press, and friends. It represents a pipeline of intel,
learning, leads and growth-related thinking. This confidential
database is unique, customized and accessed on a daily basis. It
gets stronger with time and is now over 15 years old.