Valentine’s Day: an ad agency new business opportunity?

Hey there! Hope you’ve had a good week. Yours truly has been exceptionally busy. Not one, but two pitches for agencies! Plus other work. Don’t get me wrong – this helps make agencies happy. But weekends and late night hours later…

Earlier this week was Valentine’s Day. Hope you made the time to enjoy it. Yours truly enjoyed one of my favorite meals – a homemade onion tart lovingly prepared by The Missus. That, and the plumber fixed our bathtub drain. We’re very romantic here at 3114!

Anywho, I can’t help but think maybe Valentine’s Day could be an interesting opportunity to create some viral buzz and affection for your agency.

Here’s the thought. We all know many men have trouble getting their act together to celebrate the day. Women, too. We’re all crazy busy, right? And, of course, you have plenty of people out there who are single. Different mindset altogether.

Why not create a website that helps these people celebrate? You could easily have some fun with this – the home page could offer up three different paths… Each path could ultimately end up giving the viewer some ideas on what to do, or provide some links that can help facilitate things… or maybe a fill-in-the-blank customizable card or email… or… you get the idea. Naturally, you’d want to make this available with plenty of time leading up the Valentine’s Day. But it could be a very fun, quirky little way to help prospects and friends of the agency.

There are as many ways to spin this as there are agency personalities. So, think on it.

There might even be ways to use it to grab emails, etc. But I would recommend staying away from something like that. No need to be so heavy handed. Keep it light and entertaining. Execution, of course, is key. Apply any best practices for viral marketing here. My guess is that one of these best practices is keeping serious self promotion to a minimum.

Comments? Reaction? Let’s hear it. Thanks. And enjoy!