Using a wall to plan your next new business pitch

Hey there, Daddyo! Hope all is well. Today, expect a few hundred words on a favorite technique: using a wall to plan your new business pitch.

What exactly does this mean?! The easiest way to describe it is taping a presentation up on a wall. Just about any wall will do. I first saw this many moons ago when working for new biz guru Don Morgan at what was then Atlanta shop Tucker Wayne Luckie. Once he showed me how it worked, I saw it everywhere (Particularly with creatives.)

Here are some quick thoughts on why… you should throw your work on a wall:

  • Gives you a better sense for the big picture. Are you communicating your main points? (Hey, what were those main points, anyway? It helps to have those written down. Throw that on the wall, too.)
  • Helps define focus. It’s easy to get bogged down in details that won’t be remembered or are simply unnecessary to your goal: convincing your new business prospect you are the best choice.
  • Drives alignment. Putting the deck on the wall gives your presentation team to have a common understanding of the meeting and their roles in it. Also promotes ownership, teamwork and synergy.
  • Identifies holes, highlights, etc. You know, the stuff that makes all winning presentations and stories.

Sometimes, of course, it might not be a bad thing to actually use “the wall” not just for planning, but for the pitch itself. But let’s save that for a different post!

And of course, please don’t think this technique works for just Powerpoint or Keynote centered presentations. While it may work best in those situations, the concept of a presentation map is critical to planning a successful pitch. No matter what the medium.

Thanks for reading today. Should you have any comments, you’re welcome to share ’em.