Two ways to wean our industry away from the new business capabilities send-ahead or RFP

Hello, sports fans! Steve here. Beach-side. And lovin’ it. Saw yet another story about how we as an industry should try to avoid the idea the standard capabilities presentation or RFP. Yes, sometimes they’re dreadful and boring. And sure, the best meetings in early rounds feel more like a chemistry and “what can you do for me” interaction.

While yours truly loves to see these kinds of stories as you never know when or where you’ll learn something, enough is enough. Why continue to moan about the current state of affairs? We’re a bunch of smart folks. So let’s try to solve the problem. Here are two quick thoughts that might help spark some solutions:

  1. Develop a page and or time limit on capabilities presentations. Get both the 4As and the ANA involved to help seed the idea. Sell in the idea to the search consultants by calling out the benefits of said limits.
  2. Supply an alternative. Is it a standard two-page “pitch letter” that agencies must craft to advance? Could that replace the RFP or creds round? The notion of being brilliant in just two pages helps everyone.

Don’t know about you, but in certain categories and in certain situations, I always try to help my agency avoid the pitch by making an offer. But we digress! Happy pitching. Sans the typical credentials, natch.