Two quick ways to showcase people in your next pitch

You know that old saying about your assets going down the elevator each night? It’s burned into your brain because it’s true. Sure, there’s lots of experimenting going on in our industry right now. Some new models, structures, products, services, etc. But no matter what innovations we think up and then actually execute, doesn’t it always come back to people?

Me thinks so. And what surprises me time and time again is that we don’t leverage this fact as much as we could. You might have read this before, but there’s a huge difference between agency of record relationships and staff experience. I’ve always been a proponent that staff experience trumps AOR  any day of the week.

Tom Martin writes a bit about this idea in this Small Agency Diary story in Ad Age. Worth reading. He likens the idea to your people being chefs. Smart analogy.

Here are two thoughts on how to showcase your professionals a bit more in new business.

Have you ever seen another old chestnut in a credentials deck: the wheel o’ services. A logo of the agency or client brand in the middle, with the marketing communication disciplines as spokes? What about replacing the disciplines with people, and highlighting their experience as it relates to the prospect?

In a pitch, many agencies will simply do as they’re told. They work to craft the key deliverables leading up to the decision (the RFP, the credentials meeting, finals, etc.) But often times the business is won or lost in the time between the events. Would it be possible to craft expertise-specific messages from your professionals and use them in the time between the events?

Of course, knowing when, how, if the ideas above would make sense in a given pitch is what makes the real difference. Chef talk, to be sure. Gosh, if you only knew someone who might be available to help…!

But I digress. Hope this has made you think a bit. And if you have any ideas you’d like to share, feel free to drop me a line. Cheers!