The Team of Record approach in ad agency new business

Hello there, agency new business development fans! Saw a good article in Ad Age recently that you should check out. It discusses four things to think about when you partner with other agencies. Marketing analytics smart Kenyon Blunt writes about something call the Team of Record approach. Meaning, sharing a piece of business with multiple agencies. He uses recent examples of large clients pulling together bits and pieces of agencies and stand-alone, one client, one team kind of approach. I like the branded moniker. And his suggestions.

But what’s missing is a small agency spin. No need for just the alphabet soup agencies to have all the fun. There’s also a missing reason for why an agency of any size should consider partnering with other firms: new business!

Here are five Thunderclap posts to get your head thinking about partnering with other firms:

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Hope this helps accelerate your agency new business development success!