The right and wrong ways to use trade publications for prospecting

Hey there, Daddyo. Are you one of “those guys” that floods the marketer with emails, wacky packages or voice-mail messages once you read that their  business is in play? We all know that’s probably one of the wrong ways to use the trades. Because if the pitch is making places like Ad Age or Adweek, it’s way too late. But what are some of the right ways to use magazines? Here are couple of thoughts, some of which may be helpful reminders:

  1. Pay attention to the “new client” announcements. These are usually short stories that will add a bit more color to the company-published press releases. They’ll offer up who has the business now, or discuss the latest work. And, of course, a bit or two on the person’s background. You may find it helpful to augment this news with the press release itself and some LinkedIn research. You never know, you may know a person or two that’s connected to the prospective client. (And never forget, there’s always Kevin Bacon!)
  2. (Related: many of the recent easy new client finds are listed in “Pitch Predictor” here on this site. Have at it.)
  3. Bad news from agencies, unfortunately, also could lead to opportunity. Profiting from others’ misfortune, though, can be a little… well… dreadful, frankly. So, expect to hear no more of it here!
  4. This should go without saying, but the trades in your marcom discipline are chock full of stories around the new work coming from clients. Should you have a very small prospect list, you might find it helpful to record the timings of the new campaign announcements. More frequent announcements could spell opportunity.
  5. Getting published or even commenting on some stories can be an inexpensive way to create awareness. Brandweek is a good title to consider, as many of your targets will be reading it. Your thoughts on a new campaign breaking in a category in which you have expertise could bear some fruit.

There are more ways, of course. But the above will help. The real trades to be paying attention to, though, are the trades in the categories in which your agency is looking to grow. Maybe a subject for another post, he wrote slyly….

Happy pitching. Enjoy!