The magic of any successful agency new business prospecting plan

Hello again, agency new business development fan! From time to time yours truly is hired to pull together a prospecting plan. It is a job I relish, as it addresses a common challenge most agencies face: earning more pitch opportunities. Today’s few hundred will explore the most critical part – the magic – of any agency  business development prospecting plan.

In a word, it is synergy. Perhaps this word can best describe the effect that happens when your entire business is aligned around your agency’s positioning. Yes, Thunderclappers, this is more 6Ps talk.

One of the 6Ps is promotion. Your agency’s special sauce – the magic that can differentiate you – can happen when your positioning is aligned around the what, how, why etc. of your agency. Some examples that will get your brain working include:

DraftFCB and their “Institute of Decision Making.” Say what you will about this agency. But here’s a positive story. An initiative that ties into their “6.5 seconds that matter” and has many, many new business legs.

JWT and their Worldmakers. Read all about that here. Big, global agency interviews big, global brand leaders? Me likey.

Google & SXSW. Don’t think that just agencies should have all the fun. What Google did at SXSW is one of the reasons they’re well, The Google. Smart! The post will also give you some insight on what Ogilvy did at this important show. Does Ogilvy’s execution closely align with their positioning? Meh.

What, you’re looking for some smaller agency inspiration? I hear ya cluckin’, big chicken. Some quickies:

Holland & Holland and She-conomy. Generally speaking, I leave social media talk to the master, Michael Gass. He is The Man. But this is a classic that can’t be ignored as it relates to this subject. Agencies who do social media best do it with a strongly articulated positioning.

McKee Wallwork Cleveland and “When Growth Stalls” book. Check it out. Very interesting here. The book aligns with their area of expertise. Leaders did another smart thing by finding a bigger platform upon which to demonstrate their expertise. (Businessweek, Ad Age, etc.)

Mistress and their no doubt secret new business dealings. Fun post. You would read more here, but I don’t know anything about ’em. Which might attract me were I a potential client. Hmmm…

There are plenty more examples out there. These are just the ones I could quickly find to round out the few hundred. Should you have any examples, feel free to share below or drop me a line. Your input would be valued. Thanks. And happy prospecting!