Terrific Prospecting Lesson from Integer Group

Just saw this Adweek story that details a study Integer Group did on shopping lists. Briefly, here’s why it’s so appealing:

  • Integer and M/A/R/C Research just got some third-party recognition. Mark Dolliver at Adweek is a smart guy and wrote a story that’s adding weight to this initiative. You can hear the story being pitched to him now: new spin, new times, old idea.
  • Integer worked with a complementary research partner to share costs and glory. Nice win-win partnership there!
  • GREAT example of a bit of research that’s valuable to a relatively broad area. In this case, it’s CPG. This can be used with their current clients as a value-add and has some definite new business value: a meeting-maker, a relationship valentine and much more.

Kudos, gang. Enjoy your weekends, everyone!