St. Patty’s luck in ad agency new business

St. Patty’s Day. The perfect excuse to jot down a few thoughts about the intersection of luck and winning new business.

While it’s very easy to simply say it ain’t luck, it’s about how much time and resources you have, your ideas, the abilities of your competitors… I wonder what real value that has in your agency’s new business efforts. You can get that kinda stuff in lots o’ places. (Why, even on this site!)

Instead, perhaps it might be helpful to suggest that there’s a mindset related to luck. A mindset of thinking first about your prospect instead of yourself. Two quick recent examples:

Earlier this week I caught up with an old client. It had been a while. It was terrific speaking with her again! I shared with her a couple of nuggets of insight she might find valuable. She, in turn, has offered up…a little bit of her time that will benefit another client of mine. Turns out after speaking, we found another opportunity out there where her agency can help another one with whom I’m friendly. And I’m more than happy to facilitate an introduction.

Another example: having kept in touch with an old co-worker for years, it appears as though he is now in a position to hire an agency. And wouldn’t you know it, I happen to know an agency that’s a great fit!

It’s easy to see HUNDREDS of other examples of this, too: when an agency is hired by a former client.

So, is this kind of thing luck?! Sure, things like timing, smarts, relationship building and a whole bunch of other stuff count. But I think what’s most important as professional service providers is authenticity and thinking of others before thinking of yourself. Which can bring some gold at the end of the rainbow!

Anywho, happy St. Patty’s.


P.S. A related post not from yours truly. Erika Napoletano is a sharp, funny writer that mainly covers social media. But she gets into other stuff, too. Here she colorfully writes about how to handle referrals, a valuable product of being authentic and thinking of others first. Enjoy.