Smart new business twitter practice from The Duffy Agency

You ever hear of these guys? I had heard of ’em, but didn’t know anything about them. Maybe your agency falls into that camp, too. That people have heard about your shop, but don’t know that much about you. Point is, that you need to maximize every tactic you chose to execute.

And this is why I quickly wanted to bring The Duffy Agency’s twitter practice to your attention. Very smart stuff. You will see that many of the staffers with a twitter presence have matching “icons.” (Or whatever they’re called. You know, the square image by your twitter handle.) Staffers’ mugs are placed against the same multi-colored background.

Isn’t that smart? And when you go to their site… you see those colors again. Almost like this was planned!

Ya gotta like it. One of the reasons why is because it helps address the challenge that some agencies will have with how they use twitter (does the agency tweet, the person tweet, or both?). They have cleverly taken their people and combined it with their agency.

Guess this is one of the reasons why they can rightfully claim social media expertise, huh?

We should all be so smart.

Re: the challenge of agency tweeting versus staffers, I fall into the staffer camp. While I have absolutely nothing to support it, my guess is that an image of a person gets more re-tweets and clicks. This is a social medium, after all, and you’re building relationships. Particularly in a b2b, professional services category. If you have a different opinion, feel free to shout. Thanks!