Two smart new business practices at SXSW

For those of you who braved the lines and waded through some of the bad content of this year’s SXSW to get to the good stuff, congrats. While I’m sure there were more examples, here are two smart ways brands used this event to build business.

An agency client shared with me Ogilvy’s move. This site contains notes from Ogilvy attendees. And they’re delivered in a friendly, visual way and summarize speaker’s presentations. Perfect for Pinterest, right? Or prospective clients with short attention spans.

To me, it looks like this storied agency paired up with a branded communication style (imagethink) to be helpful to all rather than sell themselves. Contagious Magazine named them the best sponsorship effort. Peruse the blog that accompanies the visual summaries and you will see Ogilvy gives shout-outs to not only imagethink, but the other partners in the endeavor. Nice move, Ogilvy! Makes me proud to be an alum. Surely rainmaker D.O. would approve.

Two folks shared with me what The Google is doing. Project:Rebrief answers this simple question: “Can America’s most iconic advertising campaigns be re-imagined for the web?” The site goes on to tell the tale of this project. There’s a lot to love about this.

Most agency creatives and marketers want to create brilliance, right? They want to be the next “I’d like to buy the world a Coke.” But now, that’s gotta be done digitally. And who better than Google to offer up some examples of how it can be done? There are lots of age 35+ agency folk out there that are, frankly, behind the times. (A 45 year old new business fan meekly raises his hand.)

So, why not help bring us along? In the films on the site, you see brilliant and old ad-makers doing their thing with a team of digitally savvy Googlers. If they can do it, you can do it. Smart stuff.

Lesson learned here for ad agency new business: know your target and reflect those insights. And, strive to be more helpful to your prospect than “sell” to them. Reminds me of yesterday’s post on networking!

Anywho, should you have seen or heard of any smart new business practices at SXSW, do tell. Thanks.