Siegel + Gale stunt for Gap, part two

I wrote the previous post without reading any of the other stories around this whole new Gap logo. It is the weekend, after all. But from what I’m now gathering, Gap is gonna crowdsource some new approaches?! This is awful.

Were I Siegel + Gale, I would now question the value of having Gap as a client. You guys are way too good for Gap. In hindsight, maybe a PR shop should’ve done this stunt. Not someone who charges big bucks for corporate identity.

Which brings us to the point of this post. A good stunt must be rooted in prospect understanding. To have the best chance for success, do some homework. Understand the culture of the organization. Are they more formal or conservative? What’s the company’s official mission, it’s vision, or values? And how does that compare to what it’s really like to work there? You can find out that kind of thing through smart internet research using places like LinkedIn and the Vault.

We don’t know if S+G did this kind of research or not. It really doesn’t matter. How could you have predicted this crowdsourcing twist? Weird. And more than a little knuckleheaded.

More as this story unfolds.