Siegel + Gale / Gap prospecting stunt, the interview

Man, this story has been fun! Great stuff. No doubt you read the latest, sports fans. That Gap has admitted to making a huge mistake. They’re going back to the old logo. And kudos to them for the mea culpa.

While you might think that’s the end of it… but wait, there’s more! Karen Schnelwar, Senior Strategiest of Siegel + Gale took me up on the offer to chat about the prospecting stunt. She’s the one that wrote the letter. And then, earlier this week, she wrote another one. Yep. Another one. It basically offers up an idea, as well as suggests again the agency would love to meet with Gap.

We talked with each other as well as emailed back and forth. Here’s the gist:

Why did you do this?
We saw the new logo and thought… what are they doing?  They need branding help!  So we put our thoughts into an email note, and decided to use our location on 6th and 18th, across the street from Gap design offices, to get the message out in a direct and unexpected way.

What are you hoping to achieve ?
It would be great to hear from Gap and get to share our thoughts on and ideas for the brand.  But we’d also be thrilled to have people think of us as an outspoken group of branding experts.

How did you come to the conclusion this execution was the way to go?
I worked with Gap about 5 years ago, and I had many meetings in the office of the EVP of Design.  From my first day at Siegel + Gale a year ago, I’d look out our windows and think back to that experience. When Gap released their new identity and we had a strong opinion on the topic, we wanted to leverage the direct line of sight into those offices!  We also thought it was a playful and fun way to communicate with our neighbors.  We then learned that that very day was Gap’s last day in Chelsea, before they moved downtown to Tribeca, so the opportunity had to happen immediately, and that time sensitivity, given the topic and given their pending move, made things more exciting and interesting.

Why did you create a second open letter?
We were shocked that Gap decided to kill the new logo that quickly, but when they did it seemed like only a short term fix.  The Gap brand still has major issues, and keeping their existing logo was not going to solve them.  We wanted to get that message across—that despite their reversal, there is a lot of thinking/re-thinking their brand that still needs to happen.

What kind of reaction have you received?
Response has been almost 100% positive, a lot of cheering the effort on!  I think the whole thing—the immediacy of it, the cheekiness of it—is what people are responding to!

What will you do if Gap contacts you?
We’d welcome a chance to talk.

What’s your next step?
We’re going to wait and see what happens, but keep our eyes peeled for opportunities to share our POV in fresh and unexpected ways!