Sharpen your spidey sense to learn what prospects really think of you

Hi. Happy New Year, yadda yadda. Surely you would think you could read a little about new year’s resolution as they apply to new business. But Papa’s got a mortgage to pay, so this will be short and sweet. This post has nothing do with that interesting topic. Maybe later. If you want some thoughts around that, lemme know. Meanwhile…

How do you know if your prospect likes you? Well, that is a fantastic question. All sort of ways to figure that out. Today, I literally read a post about this and thought it was worth sharing. Here it is. The gist of the story is that the more skinny you get, the better off you are. Pretty good answer that is explored in that link. (So, check it out.)

But here’s a practical, sly little way in the professional service industries to get a sense for it, too. (It’s a comment I gave to a LinkedIN group post. Someone happened to “like” the comments, so it follows.)

So, what’s a question to ask to figure out if your prospect likes you? One potential interesting one is asking a question about changing the spec on a minor element of the job. Something that doesn’t have a huge outcome or impact on the project. Should you get the sense it’s a big deal to make slight changes to a minor part of the job, you may not be in such good standing with the prospect.

I have seen this technique work in later rounds of professional service industry pursuits and ad agency new business. For example, junior level staffing on the business is not crucial and a great way to get a sense for things. Your question would be based around changing the spec. So, timing of that person, who that person is, etc.

Your mileage will vary, naturally. Lots of variables. But this is something to get you thinking about this interesting and valuable topic.

Listen hard to the answer. You’re looking for what they say and how they say it. Use that spidey sense to know if they’re helping or hurting you.

Anywho, hope this helps. If you have any related thoughts, feel free to share ’em! Thanks.