SCJ / DraftFCB new business implications, part three

Still hungry for news around the SCJ account shift? I hear ya cluckin’, big chicken! You will find no real news here, though. Just a bit of commentary around what this can mean for the business. After all, this is a massive deal. It has provided a bit of learning and some helpful reminders for better ad agency new business pitching. Some of which are summed up below in this helpful, but not all that brilliant list:

There are published and unpublished reasons why accounts go into review. Trade reports suggest this was all about finding efficiencies. And yes, this certainly makes sense. But there was a ton of other relationship-based things here that led to the shift. In a new business situation, the more you know, the better your pitch.

Agencies could stand to get smarter on supply chain and procurement. The post yours truly wrote about one agencies vs. two is just beginning to scratch the surface of thinking that your agency might find value in understanding a bit more. (Related: here’s a thought or two on how to get smart about procurement.)

The “deal” beyond the “work” is becoming more important in new business pitches. Sure, the strategic and creative thinking your agency supplies will always be important. This is, after all, the main reason you’re being hired. But other elements of the client / agency relationship can become tie-breakers. Or potentially make a playing field more even when you don’t have rock star creative. Or provide rationale to get you in a pitch. What, exactly, does this “element” talk mean? Well, things related to the idea, but not the idea itself. Said in another way, process. Thought-starters:

  • How many agencies or people you have working on your business
  • How briefs are delivered
  • How the work is executed once approved
  • How the work can be merchandised internally at client’s office
  • How the agency is structured
  • How brand / company / category learning is identified and shared
  • Etc.

Relationships are still key. Thank goodness. If anything, depending on the unpublished reasons why this went into review, this major account move is a reminder of just how important it is to have an authentic, cultural and personality-based alignment.

So, what’s missing in the above list?