Proof, meet pudding.

Now in its thirteenth year, Thunderclap’s skill set has helped agencies win more than $42 million in first-year new business revenue. Need more success metrics?

Historically, we’re north of a 30% close ratio on everything we’ve pitched. And 75% of the RFP responses the company writes make their rounds. Here are just a few ways firms have been successful with Thunderclap:

  • Pitch and compensation strategy leading to $2MM win
  • Part time pitching & prospecting helped make
    revenue goals for three years (global agency)
  • RFP writing and how-to lessons improved future submissions
  • Positioning review and part-time help led to 20% growth
  • Search consultant strategy crashed gate and made video round
  • Website and capabilities materials kickstarted efforts and wins
  • Brand backgrounder & pitch strategy helped win integrated $3MM account
  • Identify agency M&A candidates eventually led to global purchase

We’ve also helped agencies find more than six senior-level, growth-minded professionals (leaders in their respective disciplines).

More satisfying meals.

Looking for a bit more? Who could blame you. Here are a few cases that get written as time becomes available. You’re welcome to call Thunderclap for more details. Keep in mind that due to confidentiality issues you may not get all the details.

Agency needs new creative leader to right the ship.

Situation A global brand activation / sales promotion agency had an office where revenues were plummeting due to some shenanigans at the top. The Managing Director/Executive Creative Director simply wasn’t working out, failing to lead the agency and create a vision.

Solution Thunderclap brought on to deliver a small cadre of candidates with demonstrable creative leadership abilities – at a competitive salary range. We scoured the country looking at existing Chief Creative Officers, but then also took a look at strong #2s who were ready for the next step in their careers.

Results Working together, the agency and Thunderclap ended up wooing one of those leaders ready to step up. A new structure was put in place. And with the new leader working at the agency, the creative product has improved dramatically, the team is re-engaged and new business activity has also increased.

Legacy agency in turnaround mode assembles a new band.

Situation A regional office of a global, holding company agency needed innovation and revenue growth. A new GM had been added. Creative leadership was also brought in. But they needed new account planning leadership, too. They needed a good bass player.

Solution Working with another recruiter, Thunderclap delivered a handful of Chief Strategy Officer options that were hungry to not only rebuild a planning group, but participate in the agency’s executive leadership. To figure out what the agency stood for and how it could be different than all the other agencies out there.

Results The executive leadership team loves their newest member, a dynamic, passionate and smart professional that is breathing new energy into the agency. New business has been added. And Thunderclap has been given additional search assignments by the agency.

New leadership, new offerings, new elevator speech.

Situation For years, this two-office full service agency was doing just fine, thank you. Their owner is a recognized professional seen on a popular North American TV show. But over time, they significantly upped their game with regard to senior talent. They also had moved into more profitable consulting services that a typical agency positioning didn’t convey.

Solution Based on a positive past experience, Thunderclap was hired to articulate a new elevator speech and deliver ideas around how this new positioning could resonate across the 6 Ps of a professional service business: Product, Process, Promotion, Place, People and Price. The Thunderclap team interviewed agency leaders, took a look at the competitive situation and identified target insights to craft the deliverable.

Results Happy clients: a new tag with support statements that more clearly articulates the agency’s differences. And done in just two weeks!

Everyone is excited and aligned around the new description. And new website and credentials materials are being developed. Sorry, no pitch results yet. Still too early. But we hope to have good news to report soon!

Global agency seeks new leader.

Situation A globally recognized ad agency sees an opportunity to grow a segment of their business. They hire Thunderclap to identify a few candidates for a full-time, senior level position.

Solution Thunderclap uses existing resources, including its network housed within its proprietary, 15-year-old database, to identify two tiers of candidates. Included in the report is a wealth of intelligence, insights and new business thinking specific to the segment in question.

Results A new hire for the agency! The new staffer has been called, “a rock star.” Additional relationships have also been created that will prove their value over time.

Part-time support; full-time new revenue.

Situation The US footprint of a global marketing services agency was not winning enough new business. The firm’s roster includes Fortune 100 CPG and retail clients. Senior new business was provided by already billable senior account management.

Solution Thunderclap hired to provide on-site new business support on a part-time basis. Responsibilities included prospect research around brand challenges and decision-maker personalities, writing RFPs and credentials presentations, and providing strategic counsel as pitch context & content was developed.

Results Multi-year engagement has lead to over five million dollars in new business revenue. And these are just the first years of the respective scopes.

A less intense, but similar scope was delivered to a regional agency (top 25 in their market). The firm grew by over 30% through the agency / Thunderclap partnership. The scope included a “no salesmen will call you” prospecting approach that leveraged their agency’s philosophy.

Just tell me how to get more leads.

Situation The US office of a global shopper marketing, digital and promotions agency felt it had a lot of the basics covered, but was still not successful enough. They wanted an optimized plan. Working hand-in-hand with the senior new business leader, Thunderclap was re-hired to look at look at the current agency marketplace and suggest a few improvements.

Solution Thunderclap reported on recent, successful new business strategies and competitive agency positionings. This included well-known agencies in both the traditional agency space, as well as the digital shops taking share away from well-known, conventional industry leaders. Ten implications were identified.

Results Thunderclap’s thinking was included in a recent North American growth meeting. Both the agency president and the new business leader are pleased with the work, and the plan moving forward has been revised to include the team’s new perspectives.

Rainmaking by the drop. Literally.

Situation Three agencies have taken advantage of Thunderclap’s telephone coaching services. They found themselves in situations many agencies can relate to: they wanted new business help, but felt they couldn’t afford it.

Solution Thunderclap to the rescue! Phone coaching is a series of sessions. The sessions are scheduled as needed and around shared availabilities. Each hour-long session includes meeting notes on a password-protected website to track agency challenges and capture learnings. This is custom, one-to-one advice based on their specific agency’s challenges. The agencies also use the service for incremental, organic growth efforts. The package includes online access to tools, new business IP and thinking not seen on the Thunderclap website or blog.

Results Agencies that leverage telephone support LOVE the idea of rainmaking by the drop. All agencies have won new business as a result of the work together! And hungry for more new business success, two of the three agencies continue to work with Thunderclap.