Resource: Indexed illustrations for your next new business pitch

Hello, agency new business development fans. Wanted to make sure you had this in your resource rolodex. Because it could be a great way to make your pitch presentations a more simple and effective. Are you familiar with Indexed? Very cool site run by Jessica Hagy, an illustrator known for her a style of drawing charts and diagrams that make things easier to understand. As she describes it, “visual storytelling with a twist, a shout and sometimes a snort.” Good stuff.

There are lots of ways to use this unique and interesting technique in your new business pitches. Here are just a few:

  • Summarize a key thought or insight
  • Demonstrate a potential client opportunity
  • Point out how you are different than other agencies

What follows are two tactical representations of how to present this style of work. Both in a good way and maybe not so good way…

A good way.
Jessica’s own site. A teaser-type headline, and then a graphic that pays it off.

Maybe not so good.
Check out how Forbes does it. They lead with the graphic, then pay it off with some copy. To me, not as effective. And honestly, I didn’t see how this works at first. The problem is the number. You want to read the number and associate the graphic below it with that number. At least I do. Particularly if I’m just scanning the article. Maybe it could be fixed simply by taking out the number.

Tricky business, this. You will probably not have this challenge in a pitch room.

(By the way, Forbes has been really hitting it out of the park with some terrific CMO-focused content. Should absolutely be on your reading list.)

Full disclosure: she has a Google page full of resources that have talked her up. (So, yours truly might be the only person that wasn’t aware of her work. I just dug it and thought you might find it helpful in your new business development efforts.)

Should you be interested in working with her, feel free to contact her at this site. She’s based on the West coast and can work remotely.

Happy pitching.