Resource: Harvard Business Review blogs for your agency new business efforts

Hello again, new business fan! Today’s few hundred words detail another resource from the Thunderclap files. The Harvard Business Review blogs. Very smart stuff here that will help improve your new business development efforts. What follows are some quick thoughts.

Jumpstart strategic thinking
Either or yourself or for a prospect or a client. Here’s a great example. This smart post illustrates four ways a company can stay relevant.This particular article is written by David Aaker, a thought leader who has published more than 100 articles and 15 books on marketing and branding. This post could be something you could pass along to your pitch, planning or account management teams. Or maybe even – gasp – a potential client.

Identify a few potential partners
While I have no idea if Mssr. Aaker is open to some sort of win-win partnership, he’s not the only writer on their blog. Many of these professionals write for the purposes of business development. They might welcome a call should you have a good idea or opportunity.

Demonstrate you are current and smart
Kinda goes with saying. But what I have always loved about the kind of writing seen in HBR is it’s clarity and simplicity. Harvard Business Review is a well regarded brand. Just reading what’s on their blog makes me sound and look smarter. Imagine what your potential clients and existing clients would think.

Here’s a thought or two on what I look at when I use this work on behalf of agencies. Of course, your mileage will vary. It really depends on usage context. And while you might read about some specific examples, that stuff is zipped in Thunderclap’s cone of silence. But here you go:

  • Avoid posts written by other agencies. Generally speaking, not that great an idea. I try to stick with people that are general management consultants, and better known authors. People or people at brands that already have some awareness. This adds impact.
  • Check out the “more popular” links. This is a quick way to determine what might be in the minds of your target: business readers. You can check all sorts of metrics: most read, most shared, etc. Smart.

Anywho, hope this helps. Thanks. And happy surfing.