Pitch Predictor: U.S. Soccer


Saw this, thought you might appreciate it. Ad Age reports senior level client-side exec takes on new job as CMO for Major League Soccer (J. Russell Findlay). An excerpt from the story:

“”You would think it’s the polar opposite at first blush, right?” Mr. Findlay told Ad Age about working for PepsiCo and Unilever. “But it’s similar: MLS will market their brands and marks to consumers just like Pepsi and Unilever. Understanding the consumer, shaping their mindset, there’s a lot of similarity there. We have great momentum, solid growth, and we’re continuing to expand. All of that paves the way for us to focus more on marketing. For me, it’s to take that good marketing and drive it deep within the clubs, and propel that awareness of the league and drive fan loyalty.”

I don’t know if that quote is doing so much for him. But I love this professional’s past as it relates to his new brand’s challenges. Current and past PepsiCo and Unilever agencies will have a leg up on this passion brand.

Where were we? Oh, yeah…