Pitch Predictor: Sears

This is a quick one. Only because I’ve got to go! Ad Age reported yesterday that the holding company level got a new professional with strong digital chops. What can this mean for KMart and Sears? Potentially some digital assignments coming into review.

If you read carefully, though, and do just a smidge of homework, you’ll see there may be other, more direct changes coming to those brands. So, not at the holding company level, where the impact might be less.

Unless, of course, you’re a monster agency that can offer some substantial supply chain benefits. We just saw this with Grey and Darden. Blogged about here, even.

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While you would usually read a plug here for a Thunderclap backgrounder (first come, first served), yours truly heads off to vacation next week. Sand and computers don’t typically mix! Yet you can still expect some fresh, brilliant little thought-starters or helpful reminders next week. Ciao!