Pitch Predictor: SC Johnson

OMG. This is huge news for us here in Chicago. More to come on this story. Bummer to think it might leave town.

Meanwhile, here are a few links to stories about it:

Lewis Lazare blog (Chicago Sun Times. Looks like he broke it.)

George Parker (Always fun! Especially about DFCB.)

Agency Spy (Already has moved on from the story)

B-net (Jim Edwards. Worth reading.)



  1. Steve Congdon says:

    3-11-11. It is rumored this is now down to five firms: DraftFCB; Ogilvy; McGarry Bowen; TBWA/Chiat Day; Y&R.

  2. Steve Congdon says:

    4-13-11. Yet again, this post has received quite a bit o’ traffic.

    So, if you’re one of the five firms pitching the SCJ business, and will staff up an office here in Chicago, gimme a call.

    I do not have “a ride” for this pitch (no one’s hired me), but I do have an idea or two and am happy to share it. Free o’ charge, because it would be great to keep this in Chicago.

  3. Steve Congdon says:

    6-6-11. Wow. Over the last week this post has rec’d, again, record traffic.

    Sorry, but there’s no news to report. I did see a story in Adweek in on 5/10, but they had nothing really too much to say.


  4. Steve Congdon says:

    6-28-11. You all keep coming back! Sorry I have little to report. But did notice that Lewis Lazare, former Chicago Sun Times ad columnist, has returned to writing about Chicago news.

    In mid-June, he was suggesting there was a leading contender…


  5. Steve Congdon says:

    7-12-11. You got nuttin’ here from yours truly. Agency Spy has published a poll, though, asking folks who they think won the business:


  6. Steve Congdon says:



    But interesting related Lazare column on SCJ… Nice to see Lazare back in Chicago. Love him or hate him, he’s another Chicago voice. And his reporting on the Illinois Lottery pitch has been very solid.


  7. Steve Congdon says:
  8. Steve Congdon says:

    Finally, some news. Looks like the business will be split between Ogilvy and BBDO. Their respective Chicago offices will lead.

    Congrats to Kate MacArthur at Crain’s Chicago Business for breaking the story.

    Ad Age story #1: http://adage.com/article/agency-news/draftfcb-lose-sc-johnson-business-bbdo-ogilvy-split/229011/

    Ad Age story #2: http://adage.com/article/news/road-racine-sc-johnson-timeline/229016/

    George Parker: definitely worth checking out

    Agency Spy:

    Adweek: interesting point about conflicts

    Lewis Lazare, Chicago writer: DraftFCB perspective

    Kate MacArthur, Crain’s Chicago Business: beginnings of the aftermath

    Bob Channick, Chicago Tribune: Chicago ad business implications + some Energy BBDO quotes. Worth reading.

    And, by the way, if you come across a relevant story or post out there, throw the link up here! I’m sure others would love to see it. Thanks!

  9. Steve Congdon says:


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