Pitch Predictor: Novartis

This Adweek story suggests that the company is talking with search consultants now. While the article suggests it’s media only for now, one never knows what will happen.  Search consultants that will move beyond price savings and talk about other benefits will win.

Lately it feels like the only Pitch Predictors you’ve seen are coming from Ad Age and Adweek. But rest assured, friends, from time to time other free leads are found (and posted) that will continue to keep you coming on back. Oh, and I only publish the more interesting or juicy ones. You know, the Glengarry leads. Not the small stuff that wastes time.

By the way, I love to see more examples of search consultants having to sell themselves. This has happened a lot more than it used to. Should anyone have examples of it, please share with the class. Thanks!

Happy weekend.