Pitch Predictor: Groupon

Hi. I think we might have all seen this one coming due to the SuperBowl execution. But looks like the CP+B and Groupon relationship was project-based. Some nice reporting here by Rupal Parekh. There’s been a lot written about this. Agencies who are truly interested in pursuing should read up. I think they’re going to end up with an agency because what an agency can provide may align nicely with bigger corporate objectives. (Strictly a guess.)

Love ’em or hate ’em, seems like Crispin’s been taking it on the chin lately in the press. So, I feel compelled to say something nice about them. You must admire their home page. It screams the idea that this is an agency that can impact brands. Not many agencies have the ability to do this with the depth they do. And were yours truly involved, I might add some element to the page that suggests the agency gets some results, in addition to all this buzz. But that’s me.

Should your agency wish to understand a bit more about this brand, the company’s culture and the decision-makers, feel free to ask yours truly about a Backgrounder. First come, first served. Thanks.