Pitch Predictor: Girl Scouts

Hiya. This recently published article suggests the former CMO of the Girl Scouts is now the president of the WNBA. The professional has long-time Ogilvy NY experience. Her name is Laurel Richie.

It is unknown to this cub internet scourer if a new CMO for the Girls Scouts is being sought. Could be a terrific opportunity for the right agency, particularly if they knew someone who could be a good fit for the job.

Just sayin’.

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4-25-11 6:30p Update

Ad Age now has a story on this, covering it from a new client-side person at WNBA. Some nice deets here for you, including some details on her 20 years at Ogilvy. While you’re welcome to explore WNBA, I’d zig, and look at Girl Scouts. Enjoy!