Pitch Predictor: BMW

It might be awhile, but this business will be changing hands. And for those of you who are staying on top of this segment, this is an opportunity. Here’s an Adweek story that offers up some detail. Currently it’s with GSD&M and Omnicom. But looks like GSD&M is already looking to keep their revenue stream flowing by being proactive with the news.

Should one of these brands you read about in Pitch Predictor interest you, there’s a ton of additional research that could be done to help develop your strategy. You could find a list of some resource sources on this site (“Resources”). Or for those of you that have the free RFP How-To deck from Thunderclap, there are a ton of resources listed there, too.

(And of course, these are “way augmented” should you decide to get a custom-made Thunderclap Backgrounder by calling 773-637-5203. But I digress!)

Happy pitching.


4-18-11 Update:

This brand is in active review. Here’s a story that offers up a bit of intel about the decision-makers.