Pitch Predictor: Airtran and Alberto Culver

Happy beginning o’ the week. News stories today suggest the brands listed above are being acquired: Airtran by Southwest. And AC by Unilever. These will be longer term opportunities, as acquisitions don’t happen overnight.

Plenty of time to do a bit of homework. If, of course, these categories are of interest to your agency! And, you can overcome the advantages of agencies at Southwest and Unilever…


Want some better options? You can always explore this site a little further to find a few other categories that might be a better fit for you. Changes have taken place at brands / companies like Heineken, Revlon, Saucony and Welch’s.



  1. Bob Graves says:

    I worked on AirTran at C-K. Is there a chance for a small creative driven shop?

  2. Steve Congdon says:

    Hi, Bob. Probably not. This is being acquired by Southwest. So, best bet would be on the Southwest incumbent.

    But I love your idea of leveraging staff experience. Were I a client, I’d much rather see the relevant team’s body of work than an AOR reel. Thanks for commenting.