Pitch Predictor: Aflac. No, Progressive!

Hello there! Wow. Crazy day in the insurance category as potentially TWO brands could go into review.

I just noticed that the Aflac CMO recently left. Taking his place is somone who’s been there about a year or so. A professional with deep agency experience. So, will this one go into review?

Depends, I think, on the impact that the professional stepping into the job and his impact on the current work. My impression is they been getting away a bit from that wacky duck. (Much to voice-over talent Gilbert Gottfried’s dismay). So, they just might be seeking a new effort.

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Late-day update: Adweek did some smart, quick reporting on this story. So, the Aflac CMO did not get ousted. But instead, got stolen away. By Progressive. Flo, we’ve had plenty of time with you. And it might be time to go. Also, Adweek reported that Aflac was in a review earlier this year, and the incumbent looked to keep it. Still, my comments in the above graph stand. No one but the shadow knows what the story is with regard to the new CMO at Aflac’s involvement with the duck.