Pass the new, my love. How to keep your client / ad agency relationship spicy after 50+ years.

Well, the news many of you have been coming to the site for is out: SC Johnson has awarded their business to Ogilvy and Energy BBDO. Their respective Chicago offices will be leading the global efforts. This is a massive, global piece of business. Ad Age suggests it’s worth $65 million in revenue. DraftFCB is losing all of it. (Ugh.) Very sorry for the folks that might not be picked up at agencies down the street.

For a capture of the news articles surrounding the story, go here. It features linky bits seen from the Interwebs. If you have seen a good story about this shift, please post it.

But if you’re looking for related new business-type stuff, stick around. For today’s post is all about how to keep things spicy in a 50-year-plus relationship. Some quick ideas:

Bring out a new trick or two. Here, a new trick could mean a new capability or service. Heck, you could even earn some incremental revenue.

Invest in the personal success of the clients. Make sure you help them do what they need to do to get promoted. I once had heard of an agency investing PR time around their client-side CMOs (to ensure they were seen by the outside world as successful). This was not charged to the client, of course. Not a bad strategy.

Freshen up the staff. New professionals bring new perspectives and thinking. Mix up the structure so you have a balance of fresh faces with folks that know the client’s business, the personalities and the category.

Over-invest in proactivity. This is a great way to keep clients happy. Give ‘em unexpected little bits of brilliant service.  Some new product ideas. New campaign ideas. New social media strategies. New Points of View from your agency on category trends and target understanding.

Lots more where this comes from, naturally. But the above head-nod ideas can get you started. And, don’t think for a minute you have to be in a 50-year relationship to do some of the above. Heck, who’s to say some of this couldn’t work in a pitch. But we digress!

Happy pitching. Enjoy.