“Partner” definition leads to new ad agency new business revenue

There are so many agencies out there we all know how difficult it is to stand out and do something different. Today’s inspirational direction brought to you by the letter B (for “billable”) and a recent Q&A on LinkedIn. The Q&A was about how you define an ad agency “partner.” Here’s a new definition to throw in the mix: the depth and breadth of service you offer a particular client.

Is that a new growth model somewhere in there?

Specifically, what I’m suggesting is strategy and execution beyond advertising. Sure, there are plenty of consumer media to consider. Many define “integration” to mean just that. But how about marcom across different stakeholders? Senior management, stockholders, sales guys, distributors, retailers, online partners, etc.  We’re talking about the parties that touch the product as it goes through a supply chain. This can, of course, mean moving beyond the client departments with whom agencies typically work.

This strategy beings your agency several benefits:

  • Increases revenue
  • Makes it harder to put the business in review
  • Increases the impact of a typical client-side marketing department
  • Ups the exposure of said day-to-day clients (important in some organizations)
  • Improves your chance to tie your services to client revenue generation
  • Oh, and did we say increases revenue? (Probably faster, as you have a broader exposure across the company)

There are, naturally, a few other spins to this notion. But I’m gonna save that for a billable hour or two… Speaking of which, I gotta hop.

But if you’re interested in the above talk, particularly if you are at a large agency or holding company and have a large blank check, gimme a shout!

And feel free to come back at your convenience. Quick little nuggets to get you thinking are served up here on a “when it happens” basis.



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