Neuromarketing – the science of ad agency new business development

Marketing Communications Agencies are always looking for something to differentiate themselves. One way to do this is through specialization. Agencies struggle with implementing a specialization, because they don’t want to specialize. They’re afraid to say “no” to new business that doesn’t neatly fall into the specialty. This post is for those kinds of agencies, as it’s a story about an agency that is using it’s methodology as their secret sauce (rather then common specialties like by category, target, buying cycle, marketing situation, etc.) And, interestingly, their sauce could be made available to you.

Salesbrain is the world’s first neuromarketing agency. Check out the site. What is neuromarketing? “Neuromarketing is the science of human decision including measuring and analyzing the physiological response to marketing messaging in the brain” (Source: MediaSauce). As I understand it, the same kind of thinking behind eye tracking studies and other kinds of proven science used for marketing purposes. The folks that wrote this book are behind SalesBrain, a training and consulting firm located on the West Coast. And they’ve recently merged with an agency named MediaSauce, a nimble shop in Indiana.

I was curious about the connections between SalesBrain, SalesBrain Creative, MediaSauce and Neuromarketing – seeing it as another example of agency positioning around methodology or process. Like Innis Maggiore. So I called Patrick Renvoise, one of the founders of the company. I found him to be interesting and passionate about neuromarketing. In fact, he suggests that he’s open to the idea of licensing the concept of neuromarketing and their proprietary methodology to other agencies. Right now, it’s with MediaSauce, and they actually created a Joint Venture called SalesBrain Creative with Salesbrain.

Of course, there would be a need to figure out rules of usage rights, the financials, etc. Maybe these rights are divided up by region, or target, or agency discipline, or… you get the idea. It’s kind of like an “Intel Inside” strategy. Could there be multiple agencies out there using this brand of thinking? A great question.

But I thought the very idea of a neuromarketing agency was interesting enough to share with you fellow new business fans. Particularly smaller agencies serving middle market and F1000 companies. Something like neuromarketing might be just enough to make a difference.

Then again, this could be an expensive parlor trick. But then, aren’t many agency processes? Just sayin’. Some agencies are still making the mistake of talking about a process, but failing to link it to the work they do for clients.

Were it my concept, I would re-examine the branding of neuromarketing and its relationship to various businesses. To me, it seems a little muddled in current form. Right now, SalesBrain Creative is the agency. Which might be confusing to customers. The concept seen in the book could be applied to sales training (like Salesbrain), the creative agency business (like MediaSauce), products & services and more. These different elements could be neuromarketing-powered. (A la “Intel Inside”.)

I’d also cut down the sheer numbers and complication of the methodology. Oh, and add a TON of proof through case studies and other success stories with tangible, ROI-friendly numbers. But I digress.