Need insight into your CMO target? Start here!

Hey there, Daddyo. Today, I thought you might appreciate learning about something that can help you gain a better understanding of your CMO target. I came across it last night (and promptly added it to the proprietary vault o’ interesting stuff.)

“What do you want from me? How high-performing CMOs exceed expectations” was written by Spencer Stuart. You’ve probably heard of these guys before – they are one of the larger retained search firms. This eight-page whitepaper offers up some quick insights into what a CMO agenda might be. They suggest it’s things like driving growth and acting as a change agent. Then, they discuss how these agency clients might become more effective. The following is a straight lift from the whitepaper:

  • Get the marketing mandate right: Forge agreement with the CEO on the objectives
  • Build meaningful relationships with functional and business unit leaders
  • Agree on how to measure success
  • Collaborate with external partners
  • Cultivate the best talent

You will see some very head-nod type things here. Very popular words that people want to hear. But that’s kind of the point, right?

You can find the article here. But you could do some interesting things alone with this document if you think a bit creatively. It’s an excellent prospecting thought-starter.

And if you’re looking for more articles like them, I’d have to think Spencer Stuart’s competitors might have similar thinking on their sites: Korn Ferry; Heidrick & Struggles; and Russell Reynolds. Here’s a list of the leading firms. The list is a bit dated, but still useful.

Anywho, hope this helps. Consider it a new thing for new business in 2011. (And yeah, I think this little “new thing for new business” bit is beginning to feel a bit tired. If you think differently, lemme know. Thanks.)

Happy prospecting!