Making your case studies work harder

Just finished talking with an agency about how they use they use case studies in a capabilities presentation. Here are a couple of thoughts that may act as helpful reminders for you in your next pitch:

  • Spell out the relevance at the beginning of the case. Why should the prospect care? Why did you pick this story? How is it similar to the prospect’s challenges: same category, same brand challenge, same target, etc.? Spell this out.
  • Recap any potential implications. How can what the agency learned be applied to the prospect’s business? You’ll need an answer or two here, of course. But why not ask some open-ended questions of the client at the end of the case? The more a prospect talks, the more you learn. And, it improves your chance to connect.
  • Tie the work back to the client/agency partnership. This may not always be needed. But consider adding a testimonial at the end of the case. If you’re proud enough of the work to make a case out of it, my guess is your client is psyched about it, too.
  • Do your cases match your strategic approach? Just checking. Asking about an agency’s process is a favorite question in RFPs and credentials rounds. And demonstrating the process through work can save time and make the “process” question a bit more interesting.

These are just starters, of course. Feel free to share a tip or two yourself!