Bring out your Leo Burnett Stories!

Today, apparently, is Leo Burnett’s 75th birthday. Sincere and hearty congratulations! Reaching this venerable age nowadays is a task. And all without changing the name of the agency. Today yours truly was chatting with someone about some of the names like Dancer Fitgerald, Backer Spielvogel, Doyle Dane, etc. etc. that are still around in some form or another, but those names themselves are slowly fading from the business.

Then there’s JWT. It saddened me when they lost “J. Walter Thompson.” And don’t get me started…on their Chicago office!

Anywho, today’s quite the day for Burnett. But do you have any lore or stories around the man himself? I like to collect this kinda thing. We can get started with this one…

I heard that Leo Burnett was a diabetic. And at one point, he had the Hershey’s business. One day, while meeting with some clients pool-side, he went into some sort of insulin shock. He quickly dispatched a junior to get a candy bar. As the junior leaves the table, Burnett was heard to gasp, “make sure it’s Hershey’s!”

Now, is this true?! No idea, really. But certainly fun. And, seemingly, now attached to the legend of a pretty good adman. Should you have any stories to help celebrate the man, let’s hear ’em!  And again, happy b-day, Burnetters.