Know your competitors in agency business development

So, you’re in a new business pitch. Do you need to know who you’re up against?

The short answer: it can’t hurt. This becomes more important in later rounds as the competitive set becomes more similar, as it can help define the message agenda. You know, the points you need to communicate that will convince the prospect you are the right choice. What’s different about your agency – what makes you faster or better or more efficient than other agencies? What is it you will bring them that suggests you will be a better fit?

Most of the time clients are unwilling to share who’s pitching.  Next time you find yourself in that situation, try something like the following – “we can understand why you may not want to share the information, but many clients in your situation have a hard time keeping the agencies straight – everyone’s got a special process, right? We know our competitors pretty well, and if you share their names, we’ll make sure we point out the differences between us, which will make your job easier.”

You never know – they might just tell you!

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