Intersections between your culture and ad agency new business prospecting

Hello, sports fans! Steve Congdon here. Just read a little bit about Jaci Russo’s take on agency culture and how important it is. You’ll find the story here. By the way, her nimble, WYSIWYG agency is one of the leaders with regard to using social media for new business development. Do the social media thing right, and your agency culture can’t help but shine through. We’d all do well take a lesson out of her book.

Today, I thought you might find some value in BRIEFLY discussing one aspect of how culture can intersect with your new business efforts. It can be a terrific way to differentiate yourselves. After all, surely you can do better than “fun, honest and smart.” Everyone says this.

Do you have…a psychographic handle for your culture and ideal prospects?

We all know there are some prospects out there that you just fit with. You share the same values. But how do you describe that alignment?

For an agency I worked with, our handle was “public radio listeners.” We found it to be a simple. yet powerful way to differentiate ourselves. Yet remain true to who we were as an agency. There’s a level of intelligence, humor, humanity, and culture that comes with folks that listen to NPR, Car Talk, Wait Wait and This American Life.

Of course, this was one of our qualifying screeners when invited into a pitch that came in over the transom. It can also be used to develop a list of prospects, identify places needed to be seen in an awareness-building program, and add it to a gut-check list when evaluating agency-branded work.

You could read more. But yours truly is on vay-cay. The beach beckons! Happy pitching.