How to win more pitches “without a review”

Have you noticed a trend where some clients are picking agencies without a review? Two immediate examples come to mind: H&R Block (to Fallon) and Chevy (to Goodby). In both instances, the clients moving the business had positive past experience with the agencies. They also happen to be great big, well-known agencies that are known for great creative.

But we can’t all be Fallon and Goodby. So… here are two thoughts if your agency is interested in how to go about winning a pitch or two without a review.

  1. Can you make an offer to the prospect and avoid the pitch process? After all, a lengthy, drawn-out review may not be a good thing for the prospect. They’ve got numbers to make. “And bonuses at stake.” (Ugh. Sorry for the rhyming. It slipped out.) What might your agency be willing to do to get started sooner? This alone could be a nice incentive. But probably won’t cut it. Could the time you spend n the review be spent on a value-added service or thinking for the client? Some new consumer research? A viral campaign? Social media?!
  2. What do you have in place when your beloved client leaves their brand? Surely we can all do better than a lunch and a set of credentials. After all, this has been a trusted business partner. Would there be any value in cranking out a backgrounder for them, centered around this new brand? Some competitive activity POV? A strength/weaknesses/opportunities/threats analysis? A three month immersion plan?

Anywho, hope this gets your brain working a bit. As always, should you read something here that you’d like to discuss, feel free to give me a shout. The very best ideas around this, of course, aren’t for public consumption. And feature very little rhyming!

Happy pitching.