How to use agency credentials to attract and retain people

One of the reasons I think agencies ask yours truly to help them find senior-level leaders is because I bring a new business mentality to the idea of searching for the right professional. Now, that idea could use a lot of unpacking and could go in lots of directions. But today, I want to spend time on an idea that could be useful and differentiating to your agency as it looks to attract and keep the best staff.

Do you use your agency’s new business credentials when you pitch prospective new employees?

Not many agencies do. They often let the agency’s website do the job. And I just wonder how effective that is. After all, websites are built with many purposes in mind.  Or they might deftly flesh out their job description, injecting a sorely needed dose of agency personality and culture.

How could standard agency credentials be made into recruiting credentials?

Below are a couple of thoughts to get your brain working…

The usual things like agency location, size, client list and capabilities could all be tweaked, calling out the details and benefits to someone figuring out whether to work for your agency or your competitor.

For instance, a broad client list can offer variety to a leader. Or help a less experienced person understand the career footsteps at your agency.

Case studies and showing agency work is always a good thing, no matter what role you are looking to fill. But from a recruiter’s perspective, what could we emphasize in a case study that will convince someone to join your agency?

Emphasize your people. I don’t know if I would go the route of smiling, happy people that go on and on about how great the agency is. That can come off as really canned and fake. But there may be an opportunity for people to talk about the things that matter to them:

  • impact/involvement/making a difference
  • fit/agency culture
  • support
  • training opportunities
  • career mobility
  • stability
  • lifestyle
  • and more

I’m not sure if I’d call these case studies. But stories about people’s successes at the agency, based on the things that they care about? Complete with career-based results metrics? Ooooof. Sounds good to me.

Hope this gets you thinking about interesting ways to find and keep your next great leader!


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