How to get three more meetings this quarter, part one

Looking to get in front of a few new prospective clients? Trusting and trustworthy? Are you a specialist, discipline-specific agency? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, keep reading. For today’s post will get you thinking a bit.

Might you be a candidate for a client meeting swap with another like-minded and complementary agency?

Still reading?

Hope so! Because it really works. In the ideal scenario, your firm offers something the other agency needs or doesn’t currently offer their clients. It can be anything. But I’ve seen it work with areas like sales promotion, database marketing and interactive. In fact, as part of a recent project, I introduced one of these kinds of agencies to other firms I knew well. It was a win for all parties. You’d be reading the deets here if not for Thunderclap client confidentiality.

Should go without saying there’s an agreed-to no poaching understanding between the agencies.

And of course, you gotta give to get. You have to be willing to open up either your roster or your Rolodex on behalf of another agency. That’s right, Willis, your connection may not necessarily have to be a paying client.

This last little tweak to this concept can work with general agencies that have opted to specialize in given categories. (But I fear we may have lost those guys five paragraphs ago!)

Anywho, should you have a story or example of where you have tried this and it’s worked, let us know! Thanks.