How to get three more meetings this quarter, part two

So, you may have read part one of this topic and stopped reading because your firm didn’t fit the limiting criteria (a specialist firm) that would let you use the idea (sharing your rolodex with other firms.) What’s a general agency to do? How might that kind of firm get a few more meetings?

Have you tried approaching your partner suppliers for some help? Sure, this can include people like media reps, photographers, and all the other professionals you team with to plan and execute your client’s marketing communication.

But you might also include other folks, too. Resources that provide you and your company services needed by your firm (not your clients). Your banker, your accountant, your lawyer. Your healthcare provider.

Here’s why this idea could work for your company:

  • They already know you. They are familiar with your work, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • They have a vested interest in your success. When you do well, they, also, have a chance to “keep the fork moving” as my Pop would say.

So, this is another tactic based on existing relationships and trust. If this idea has any merit to you, here are a couple of thoughts around how you might execute:

  • Add these professionals to your broad, awareness building efforts. This would include things like a newsletter, white paper sharing, your social media efforts, yadda yadda…
  • Segment and approach the professionals individually over time. Some relationships will be more important than others. If the idea of approaching sellers is new to you, consider testing your approach first with a few less important prospects.

This should go without saying, but one should never tie your need for leads from them to the business you give them. There are reasons why you already work with them. Don’t go messing that up.

Any who, hope this gets your motivated to look for ways to tap into existing relationships, goodwill and the trust you have earned over time. Should you have any related thoughts, feel free to share. And thanks, as always, for your time and attention.

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Another P.S.

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