How to DIY in ad agency new business, part one

So…yours truly has lost a couple of chances to help agencies due to, well, them not having enough money to pay for said resources. Bummer. Because they’re great agencies. But totally understandable. Times are still tight for many. So, while you could read a bit about the values of why you should outsource, I thought a few hundred on how to do it yourself might be more valuable. Meaning, not the ideas or thinking on how to increase your pipeline or close more pitches. But how to actually do the work. You know, to execute. To get it done. This is the biggest challenge agencies face.

Yes, Virginia, you can avoid being the forsaken offspring of shoemakers. You can do it yourself. Here’s a thought:

Avoid the prospecting/production challenge
I hear this a lot. People don’t know whether they should spend their time prospecting (building specific one-to-one relationships, earning pitches) or on production (firm marketing, RFP responses, developing credentials and finals with the team, etc.). “Firm marketing” here is a broad term. The truth, particularly if you’re a team of one at the agency, is that you have to do both. To avoid this challenge, here’s a list of typical stuff that’s around better / more efficient use of your day to get new business tasks done:

  • Divid and conquer
  • Carve out dedicated time every day
  • Build in a reward or penalty
  • Embrace technology
  • Learn a system
  • Start work an hour earlier

If you’re looking for this kind of time management stuff, here’s an earlier Thunderclap post. And, here are two tips articles from two different approaches: the zen way and life hacker.

But if you’re looking for perhaps a different perspective, later this week you will see a different thought!





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