Getting credit for nothing special in ad agency new business

Today’s brief thought is that agencies should get credit for the work they’re already going to do in a pitch. For example, you’re going to do some research on the prospect’s target audience and share that in your presentation…

  • Why not share that knowledge before you pitch?
  • Why not tell then you’re going to do it and get some input so that the learning will be more valuable to them? (And you get credit for doing it.)
  • Why not get an additional opportunity to talk with the prospect and learn a bit more about their challenges, their personality, the company’s culture and climate, etc.? You know – identifying the intel that will help you win.

Why not, indeed. Sure, this idea or little approach can’t work in every pitch. Particularly those run by procurement or by an over-protective search consultant who, unfortunately, denies access to the decision-makers.

But what do you lose by trying?

At the worse, you might risk being labeled as interested, willing and passionate about being an agency partner. And you’ve already read a few of the benefits that give you a competitive edge. And every little bit helps…