First half 2010 Review List from the 4As

Hello, sports fans. Hope you saw this – the 4As list of first half 2010 pitches. This continues to be to be one of the best reports available. And it’s free! The 4As builds this list from published press reports. Use it to identify hot agencies, search consultants. Even predict a pitch or two. Crafty agencies will no doubt compare this to the last list to identify true trends. You can see my April posting here. Or, simply look at the spreadsheet. As much as I’d love for you to check out the posting – there is some value there for you – this latest report from the 4As shows other years. That is BIG.

The briefest of glances… on this most recent list revealed a couple of quick things:

  • A lot of media-only pitches
  • Ark Advisors (consultant) has become a top five consultant if you look at volume over time.
  • “Source Martin” (Brian Martin) is an up and coming search consultant. Over the last couple of weeks, in fact, he has rec’d some Ad Age attention. His website suggests he offers services only to marketers. How refreshing.
  • Looks like the Chicago office of mcgarry bowen is on a run.

Finally, and this just may not be true, is it just me, or are there more pitches happening without reviews?! This can be a good thing for most in the industry. This reminds me of a favorite tactic you might want to try: avoiding the pitch altogether.

Anywho, enjoy!

P.S. Blatant commercial message: What, you’re looking to identify future pitches?! No worries, you can get that here, too. For the last few months of some (not all) new personnel change activity, chuck in “pitch predictor” in the search area of this site (upper right hand corner.) Enjoy that, too. And of course, know that brand backgrounders for these brands, the related marketers are available on a first come, first served basis.