Finding innovation in ad agency new business, part two

Another recent innovation-type thing worth sharing is something from a friend of mine, Hart Weichselbaum. Hart runs The Planning Practice, an independent account planning group. He’s for hire and is pretty smart. I know this, because back in the day we worked together at FCB Chicago.

Anywho, he came across a study around digital innovation and agency collaboration that was pretty interesting. The study, produced by Horn Group and Kelton Research, suggests that agencies don’t get credit for innovation and that clients are looking for us as agencies to better work and play well with each other. Here’s another bit (from one of the study authors).

What is interesting to me is how this particular agency can use this for new business. Here’s what attracted me to it, which spells out particular tips on how to use a survey for you, you, you:

  •  They partnered with a research company. This allows you to lower any out-of-pocket costs and, potentially, exposes you to new customers (as there are now two firms with aligned interests).
  • They had at least seven in-person conversations with potential prospects. The survey sponsors know a bit more about these particular prospects. They also have started to build a relationship with these folks. They also can use this survey to build their relationships with lots of other prospects and referral sources including the hundreds of other prospective clients that participated in this study.)
  • The study is around a relevant, interesting topic to their audience. A survey around nothing valuable is a survey that will go nowhere.
  • The study has legs. It can be spun into many different kinds of content pieces (blog posts, events, white-papers, etc.)

These are just for starters. Bravo, Horn Group and Kelton Research! We could all be so smart.